Railway and Climate Change: 2018

The Resistance and the impact strength of the railway system in climate change or extreme conditions in France and abroad

In 2018, RAILENIUM will organize at IFSTTAR, one day dedicated to the state of the art, in France and in the world, the solutions, the methods, the initiatives, the tools and implementation or means to adapt the railway system to the extreme conditions, to make it resistant and resilient.

How get ready for the weather conditions in the future, what are the good decisions to take, worth knowing those who produce all the expected advantages and avoid locking a project into a unsuitable solution for the evolution of circumstances, and wasting already too rare financial resources and passing next to beautiful development opportunities.

This day will go through the following topics:

–          Stakes and overview

–          Feedbacks of foreign countries

A Round Table gathering the concerned actors will discuss about: how to decline foreign experiences lessons, and better prepare and take good measures?